National Forum for Public Private Collaboration

The National Forum for Public Private Collaboration is a non-stock not-for-profit 501 (C-6) corporation based in Virginia.

juggling business valueVision Leading the advancement of cyber resilient service management through collaborative innovation, securing and strengthening critical infrastructure across every government and industry sector worldwide.

Forum Mission To enhance and maintain Critical Infrastructure Resilience against all Cyber Risks. We help participants take advantage of existing standards.

Objective To serve as the trusted global Forum to facilitate open dialogue, critical insight, and thought exchange enabling stakeholders in the delivery of flexible and adaptable cyber resilience solutions that support organization mission and goals.

Scope Private and Public-sector critical infrastructure organizations, including small and midsize businesses, standards and best practice organizations, and organizations supporting workforce development.

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Advancing Cyber Resilience

NFPPC activities enable private and public organizations to share and validate lessons learned.

Deciphering and implementing best practices, standards and frameworks to operationalize cyber resilience is foundational to enhanced service management and long-term planning. The strategic insight gained from NFPPC participation promotes organizational sustainability.

The Forum is unique because it seeks to create a trustworthy environment for open engagement.

The NFPPC facilitates active participation for shared benefit. We engage private/public sector C-suite and other decision makers to advance cyber resilience in experiential applications of best practices and change management for strategic advantage.

Leaders collectively engage in connecting the dots, expanding their networks and growing their experiences to further their unique service objectives.

 What the Forum is:  The NFPPC is an organization leading collaboration in support of existing standards, practices and common investments.

 What the Forum is not:  The NFPPC is not a standards body.