Supporting Quotes

Natonal Forum for Public Private Collaboration

Robert Fangmeyer
Director of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program

Baldrige-like Approach

“ Thank you for continuing your efforts to help create opportunities for collaboration and coordination. Clearly, we, and the nation, are all better served if we work together. You are helping us take a “Baldrige-like” approach– driving alignment and integration across our distinct entities and helping us take a holistic perspective on how our efforts can inform and enhance each other’s work. “

Tom Finan
ARK Network Security Solutions, Former Senior Cybersecurity Strategist and Counsel

A Powerful Opportunity

” Cybersecurity standards represent the collective insight of thousands of cyber risk managers who know best the basic steps that every organization should take to protect itself from cyber harm.  What’s needed now are the specific cyber risk controls that clarify how to implement those standards to ensure maximum cybersecurity impact.  With its resilience focus, the Forum will offer participants a powerful opportunity to define and identify those controls – most especially for the “Respond” and “Recover” functions of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. “

Fred Hintermister
Manager, Cross Sector, North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s (NERC) Information Sharing and Analysis Center. Vice Chair, National Council of ISACs (Information Sharing Analysis Centers)

Assure Cyber Resilience

“ To assure cyber resilience, everyone must have a seat at the table. Forums, like this, help bring together thought leaders to focus attention on the potential challenges we face in our industries.  I remain supportive and highly value the important work you do, as well as the distinctive and impactful way you do it. Thanks for your Service to Nation (and those nations depending on us) with the transformation you lead. “

Gene Fredriksen
VP/CISO of the Public Service Credit Union (PSCU), the leading provider of financial services to 800+ credit unions, 18+ million cardholders

Operationalize Standards

” The holistic concept of resilience encompasses more than traditional security measures.  It speaks to the optimization of people, process, and technology to yield systems that are not only secure but will inherently survive, and recover from a wide array of threats and caustic environments. The Global Forum to Advance Cyber Resilience is the first of its kind targeting operationalizing standards and practices focused on the critical issue of cyber resilience. “

William Delone
Executive Director, Kogod Cybersecurity Governance Center

Unique Opportunity

” The Kogod Cybersecurity Governance Center (CGC) is focused on assisting corporate executives and board members with critical action plans to prevent and respond to cyber attacks. The National Forum for Public-Private Collaboration provides a unique opportunity to bring together top experts to work together finding solutions, representing a marketplace of ideas, partnerships, and resources. ”

Bill Donohue President
Executive Director, GENEDGE, NIST MEP

GENEDGE Committed to Continuing Relationship

” GENEDGE is committed to continuing our relationship with the Global Forum to Advance Cyber Resilience.  Cyber Security is a strategic technology segment for the Commonwealth of VA.
Thank you for thinking of the NIST MEP system (of small to mid-sized manufactures) for inclusion in your foundation as well as the future business model for the Forum. ”

John Honeycutt
CTO of Discovery Communications

Provides an ongoing platform to exchange ideas

“ We see this type of collaboration between public and private-sector leaders as an imperative in today’s dangerous and constantly shifting cyber environment. Today’s meeting started an important dialogue between key players.

The Forum provides an ongoing platform to exchange ideas and develop action plans – not only for the companies and government organizations already well-versed in best practices to combat cyber attacks, but for those still learning the size and scope of the daily cyber threats we all face. ”

Deborah Kobza
President/CEO, Global Institute for Cybersecurity, Former CEO National Health ISAC

Help Health ISAC take standards, frameworks, best practices, lessons learned to next level

“ We have a historic opportunity to leverage bringing together increasingly connected and globally trusted public and private sector leaders to operationalize cyber resilience. The Forum’s strategic focus to take standards, frameworks, best practices and lessons learned to the next level via sector and sector-specific operational guidance and workforce education would greatly contribute to global critical infrastructure sustainable resilience. ”

Christopher Keegan
Technology National Practice Leader for Beecher Carlson

Prioritize Spending Get Greatest Impact
“ We offer affordable insurance to organizations that do the right things to minimize the effect of cyber-attacks. Technical protections are important, but they are not foolproof.  Resilience includes having trained people to identify, limit and recover from incidents.  The Forum to advance Cyber Resilience is bringing a critical mix of government and private sector resources to align standards and prioritize spending to get the greatest impact in limiting cyber risk. ”

Ernest McDuffie
Ph.D. The McDuffie Group

“ Cyber Resilience is at the cutting edge of future trends in cybersecurity. The Forum is well positioned, after this inaugural event, to leverage national and international talent and interest to address this important component. ”