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Forum Developing Business Use Cases

Current projects include support for small- and mid-size organizations.

NFPPC participants collaborate to identify which considerations (the “what”) of cyber resilience provide support for business value common in across all sectors.  The NFPC’s charter requires us to address the common interests of all participants.

Organizations need to include cyber considerations as part of their overall strategic risk management strategy and operations to be resilient and sustainable.  Forum members collaborate about what leaders need to understand to support adaptable, resilient, and sustainable organizations. 

Each sector has the knowledge of what is unique to them.  They are best positioned to work on “How” to address most effectively “what” needs to be done, whether for cyber or any other aspect of their business.  It is not the NFPPC’s role to dive into the How, Who, When or Where. Through collaboration, we distill business and cyber standards/frameworks to reasonable, prudent, and effective operational understandings of “what” needs to be done.

Moreover, each sector also has core interdependencies from both a cyber and business perspective with other sectors.  (Example: All organizations may depend on electricity, finance, telecommunications, water, healthcare, government, defense etc.)  This is one of the reasons why the NFFPC looks at the common needs across sectors to determine what needs to be done. 

What cyber resilience/security work matters to the business and what doesn’t?

The National Foundation for Public-Private Collaboration is creating easy to reference use-cases, based on the existing Foundation for Public-Private Collaboration by incorporating support for cyber resilience into every lifecycle stage and process it describes. The use cases will show how every service management process should contribute to cyber resilience, and show how cyber resilience controls can contribute to each stage of the lifecycle and to each service management process. The resulting use cases will be published under a Create Commons License to ensure it can be reused for purposes such as:

  • Helping both public and private sector organizations to incorporate cyber resilience into how they manage their IT systems and services.
  • Fostering collaboration between information security and IT service management teams and organizations.
  • Helping organizations offering tools and consulting to integrate support of both cyber resilience and mission support, and customer service into their offerings.
  • Providing content of value available for consideration in future releases of Standards, Frameworks, and Methods.

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