Private and Public Collaboration

"Language is not merely a vehicle of thought but also a driver."
Ludwig Wittenstein (paraphrased)

Our Foundation for Public Private Collaboration utilizes a common lexicon used in both private and public organizations to drive progress and takes advantage of taxpayer, organization, and individual investments Globally.

"I think there can be enormous value to have public and private collaboration and discussion on these issues of the NIST Cyber Security Framework and Reasonableness."
Maureen Ohlahause, Acting Chair Federal Trade Commission

Government use of Lexicon

goernment use of FPPC common lexicon
Partial list of government using Forums selected common lexicon.

Private Sector use of Lexicon

Healthcare, Finance, Telecommunication, Hospitality, Commercial Facilities, Manufacturing, Defense Industrial Base, Dams, Chemical, Energy, Nuclear, Information Technology, Transportation, Non-Profit, Tribal, Water and Wastewater. Fifty-nine hundred companies, six hundred fifty groups, and over two million people listed on Linkedin with the lexicon we use, and eight million people globally certified.

Global use of Lexicon

United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Germany, Canada, Japan, Denmark, Sweden, China, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, South Africa, Finland, Mexico, Singapore, Norway, India, New Zealand, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Italy, Slovenia, Hong Kong.. others

understanding cyber resilience business value is critical

‘Cyber resilience’ protects business value and the mission.  It needs to be coordinated with all business activities. Because of rapid changes in competitive markets and cyber threats we must take advantage of coordinated enterprise strategic thinking, change culture, and continual improvement through this internal and external collaboration.  Taxpayers are demanding the public sector to be more prudent with their limited resources. The public sector will be able to benefit from participating in private sector led collaboration.

Cyber resilience and business value cannot be separated.  Cyber resilience must be tightly coupled with and support business value. Measurable ‘reasonable’ and ‘prudent’ approaches are found by including internal and external collaboration in each organizations strategy in support of their missions.” 
Charlie Tupitza

Collaboration helps us utilize shared lessons learned and best practices in the context of our own business environment and helps us determine “Reasonable and Prudent” approaches. We need a holistic view and representation of the business to accomplish this. 

cyber resilience juggling

What cyber resilience/security work matters to the business and what doesn't?

Business Value of Cyber Resilience

pittsburgh dc las vegas cyber security
Cybersecurity business value Baldrige criteria Boston Detroit Kennedy Space Center
salt lake Philadelphia washington

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Presidents Commission on Advancing Cybersecurity includes collaboration:

“…..Successful implementation of our recommendations will require significant commitment from both the public and private sectors and extensive cooperation and collaboration between the two. Indeed, enhancing the state of national cybersecurity will require the coordinated effort of a wide range of organizations and individuals……”   Thomas E. Donilon Chair and Samuel J. Palmisano Vice Chair of the Presidents Commission on Enhancing National Cyber Security.

Find the report here: presidents-cybersecurity_report

Recent Improvements and a Vision for the Future

“……….America prides itself on fostering the individual entrepreneur, the independent and creative spirit, and the competitor who stands above all others. When it comes to tackling the host of cybersecurity challenges, we need those qualities—but we need joint efforts, collaboration, and cooperation even more. Government and industry each have different strengths and limitations in their cybersecurity capabilities. Mechanisms that clearly define public–private collaboration, joint planning, and coordinated response before, during, and after an event are critical and must be effectively developed……”

Common public/private threads lead Reasonableness and Prudence

Participants recognize the common thread of business value/excellence and cyber resilience, across the public and private sector.  The value of public and private collaboration enables the  understanding of “reasonable and prudent” approaches for cyber resilience becomes obvious. Discussion considers the interplay between a reasonable approach, the organizational appetite for risk, striving for excellence, and raising the bar for competitors.

Participants agree about the value of a holistic presence at the table. ITSM has a seat.  We are encouraged to move forward focusing on business value.

Focus on Excellence

When we focus on business value and excellence we strengthen our product, services and customer relationships we become more resilient.

Cyber Resilience and Security Reasonableness

Cyber Resilience and Security Reasonableness must be considered in your organizations overall business strategy along with each product and service strategy. You must understand your organizational capability and capacity to protect yourself, your partners, and your customers.  It must be looked at as market differentiation with your customers and partners in the supply chain. Our forum brings together the right people in your organization and ecosystem to help with public and private collaboration around this topic and others having to do with cyber resilient strategy enabling your organization to provide products and services.

  • Do you know your risk?
  • Is your risk calculated?
  • Do you know your potential exposure (Hard, financial - soft, goodwill)?
  • Are you taking reasonable and prudent steps to manage the risk? Is this underpinned with collaboration inside your organization, with customers, and across sectors?
  • Are you seeking to continually improve?
  • Can you measure the improvement?
  • What does success look like for you? How do you measure for it?