Why Public & Private Organizations Participate

26 February 2016
C Level Interest.
The Global Forum approaches this from the business side of “Resilience” enabling the purpose of services offered and mission of the organization.

Taking advantage of Leadership for Authority: The Forum is in direct support of the Department of Defense Chief Information Officer’s 24 December Directive regarding the DoD Enterprise Service Management Framework (DESMF). The DESMF calls out a basic lexicon for IT Services and we help organizations take advantage of the lexicon in use in both public and private IT Services.

Current Investment Advantage: The Forum represents an approach taking advantage of existing taxpayer and public sector “in common” investments and builds on them. Our cyber resilient best practices are underpinned by this investment. There are over three million people certified and over eight million trained in the basic lexicon of ITIL.  A large portion of IT Service contracts in the federal government call out this lexicon.