Cyber Resilience Internship Available

We have a wide variety of opportunities for individuals interested in participating in a cyber resilience internship available now, from basic office work associated with cyber resilience to extensive research that could be used for you as a masters or doctoral candidate. You will also be expected to perform office tasks related to cyber resilience.

You will have the opportunity to attend important meetings with both the public and private sector relating to IT service management and project management focused on the business value of cyber security, cyber resilience.  These meetings tend to be with high level people in both the private and public sector.

The Forum will provide training for internships on topics related to our mission. This training will be provided by our many training partners and will make you eligible to sit for certificate exams.

This is not a technical approach to cyber security, we focus on providing a collaborative environment to share lessons learned, best practices, and frameworks useful in the development of cyber resilient mission driven services in both the private and public sector.

Hours are flexible.

cyber resilience internship

Cyber Resilience Internship Opportunities Available:

Web Site support (WordPress)

Include URL’s for any sites you have developed or support

General Office Work related to Cyber Resilience

Must have command of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Must have organization skills.  Have great grammar skills?  We need you to help proof documents.

Cyber Resilience Research

Tell us about a topic you have researched.

Express Internship Interest

Please review our web site and contact us if you are interested in the following way.

Provide contact information, your education, and your interests.

You must have good communication skills.

Applicants will need to have office skills:  Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Location: There will be an advantage to you if you are in the Northern VA or Greater Washington DC area but this is not necessary.  Much of the work can be done from any location with internet and phone available.

e-mail your interest in an internship here

Current Interns:

Jonathan Braley

Bachelors of Science in Information Technology
Major: Data Networking and Security
Harrisonburg, VA