Foundation for Public Private Collaboration

Forum releases draft of the Foundation for Public Private Collaboration. Please Click here for a copy of the FPPC.  Draft V 1.00 3 March 2017

The Global Forum for Advanced Cyber Resilience released the first draft today of the Foundation for Public Private Collaboration based on the Department of Defense Enterprise Service Management Framework which the DoD CIO Terry Halvorsen directed all activities to conform to on December 24, 2015.

The Forum recognized the business value of the DESMF to provide a much-needed foundation and basic lexicon for collaboration including the recognition of business value for cyber resilience considerations during the strategy phase of the development of products and services.

The DESMF was written to appeal to a broader audience than just the DoD.  The Forum made only minor modifications to terms so it is easy for the DoD to continue to collaborate with the Forum as they have for over a year. Example: The Forum changed the terms ‘DoD’ to ‘organization’ and ‘warfighter’ to ‘customer’ in the document.  The Forum takes advantage of this as a foundation for private/public collaboration adding cyber resilient and business value underpinnings at a common level for all participants.  The Framework does not give guidance for how to do things, it provides a simple framework for what is needed in the development of services.  The Forum believes it has application for products as well.

Foundation for public private collaboration
Click image for copy of the Foundation for Public and Private Collaboration.

The Foundation for Public and Private Collaboration serves two purposes:  First as a reference document to enable and facilitate meaningful collaboration. Second as a framework for operationalizing service management within and between organizations.  It is up to your organization to see direct value for operationalization.  We believe it provides valuable guidance which you can take advantage of at the pace your organization is capable of.

To date the Forum has helped facilitate high level collaboration between participants from the DoD, several civilian agencies, telecommunications, energy, healthcare, transportation, hospitality, entertainment, finance and manufacturing sectors as well as state governments, not for profit organizations, higher education including colleges and universities part of the NSA/DHS Centers of Academic Excellence program and others.