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itSMF USA Advancing Cyber Resilience through Collaboration
Las Vegas, NV  November 02,
Experience Level: Advanced
This was a great success. There was a mix of people representing the government and private organizations, big and small participating. This was perfect for our value proposition.
The disconnection between ITSM and cyber resilience efforts across all sectors was obvious. Understanding this leads to great opportunity.
The focus of our session was to help identify the people who need to be at the table during the strategy phase of a product or service along with the value of collaboration. The attendees were left hungry for more time on the topic.
Advancing cyber resilience and business value through collaboration is a great opportunity.
We are excited to see our review of this session:
Average Overall Scores: 1 – 5
· Overall this session was: 5
· Speaker(s) expertise/knowledge of subject: 5
· Speaker(s) presentation skills: 5
· Value of Q&A segment: 5 – Practicality: 5
· Compliance with non-commercialism policy: 5
· Should this session be repeated next year: 100%
· Would you recommend this speaker for future events: 100%
· Was the session content what you thought it would be: 100%

charlie tupitza joan coolidge

itSMF USA Fusion Conference

Joan and Charlie are speaking at this years itSMF USA annual conference in Las Vegas, NV from November 1-4, 2016 jointly hosted by industry icons itSMF USA and HDI
To register for this event go to FUSION 2016 here…
About our session:

Advancing Cyber-Resilience Through Collaborative Innovation

Experience Level: Advanced
Facilitators: Joan Coolidge and Charlie Tupitza

Managing an effective response to cyber-attacks is one of the biggest challenges in today’s complex and interconnected world. It’s not enough to focus on cyber-security. This session will introduce ways you can lead organizations to reduce the impact of cyber-attacks at a manageable pace. Learn how to engage people to work together to find solutions, how to start the discussion from where participants are at the time of their meeting, and how to continue by strategically planning realistic approaches to greater cyber-resilience.


Charlie and Joan Speaking at itSMF USA FUSION16 Conference at the MGM Hotel, Las Vegas, NV November 1 – 4 2016

Charlie, Joan, Speaking at itSMF USA FUSION16

Advancing Cyber-Resilience Through Collaborative Innovation

Date and Time:  Wednesday, November 2, 3:00pm – 4:00pm
Track:   Security, Risk, and Vulnerability
Track Chair:   Jeanette McGuillicuddy