Joan Coolidge

Board of Directors – Chief Strategy Officer

Joan Coolidge Chief Strategy Officer
Joan Coolidge

Joan Coolidge, Chief Strategy Officer of the Global Forum to Advance Cyber Resilience. Joan brings a wealth of knowledge to the Forum, with an exceptional track record in the consumer goods and information technology sectors. Joan led the globalization of Procter & Gamble‘s Global Information Systems, directed IT Service Management Strategy, Design, Transition, Operations and Continual Improvement, and established new IT business operations in Asia, integrated with the Americas and European systems.

With HP for P&G, Joan directed Service Portfolio, Catalog and Asset Management, and participated in the design of the highly successful innovative multi-supplier integration service delivery model used today. Joan founded Initiate Impact LLC to help organizations deliver transformational change. Joan was awarded the itSMF USA 2015 Member of the Year Award for delivering experiential learning in organizational change management to IT Professionals. Joan’s experience as an Organizational Development Expert, certified IT Service Management ITIL V3 Expert, and Business Executive bring great value to the Forum.

itSMF USA Fusion Conference

Joan and Charlie are speaking at this years itSMF USA annual conference in Las Vegas, NV from November 1-4, 2016 jointly hosted by industry icons itSMF USA and HDI
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About our session:

Advancing Cyber-Resilience Through Collaborative Innovation

Experience Level: Advanced
Facilitators: Joan Coolidge and Charlie Tupitza

Managing an effective response to cyber-attacks is one of the biggest challenges in today’s complex and interconnected world. It’s not enough to focus on cyber-security. This session will introduce ways you can lead organizations to reduce the impact of cyber-attacks at a manageable pace. Learn how to engage people to work together to find solutions, how to start the discussion from where participants are at the time of their meeting, and how to continue by strategically planning realistic approaches to greater cyber-resilience.

2016 Mega Event

Joan Coolidge,  Keynote Speaker at PMI Mega Event

Joan Coolidge, GFACR’s Chief Strategy Officer, is providing a keynote presentation focusing on leading project team techniques to deliver transformational change amidst complexity and evolving technology at the 2016 PMI Mega Event April 13th in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Many of our most important projects cannot be completed by any single organization. Complex tasks require people and skills from across different organizations and sectors; even ones who don’t understand, agree with or trust one another—to talk, think and work together.

Transformational leadership techniques work, when project managers are willing to stretch beyond traditional ways of acting and being. Benefit from the real payoff of proven approaches used by organizational development specialists today to turn challenges into opportunities.

pmi mega event joan coolidge
PMI Mega Event Joan Coolidge