RSA Conference Great Success

8 March 2016  Over Seventy companies committed financial to sponsor our forum during the resent RSA conference in San Francisco.  We are very pleased for the interest.  It is just as exciting to find more then that number interested in participate as subject matter experts shaping the direction of the forum.  We also identified several stakeholder organizations who will participate to share lessons learned.

All recognized Private and Public Collaboration is the key to this success and each recognize the value of focusing on mission driven services enabled by cyber resilience.  The opportunities for improvement are enormous.

Charlie Tupitza
Acting CEO

NIST Respond and Recover RSA 2016

1 March 2016  I attended the working session the NIST put together at the RSA conference yesterday regarding input from the public for their guidance on response and recovery. There were about thirty people in attendance for about an hour and a half.  Kevin Stine and Donna Dodson along with several other NIST folks and their contractor for this project G2 Inc were there in support.

They seem to be approaching this from a general point of view.

Utilizing Service Management

This Forum is approaching response, recovery, and minimization of damage from a perspective of utilizing  IT Service Management Best practices so all in the discussion will be utilizing a common lexicon for the approach.  We will add the cyber perspective to that of incident response and recover and minimize impact. We will share these lessons with the NIST.   This approach will complement what they are doing.

Charlie Tupitza
Forum CEO