Global Forum to Focus

8 March 2016 The Global Forum to Advance Cyber Resilience will become a single focused not for profit corporation as of 10 March 2016 per the advise of participants in the forum.  This will allow us to focus on our mission.

There are a number of activities associated with this activity that will complement what we are doing.  It would be very easy to bring many of them under our umbrella.  We are deliberately staying away from this because we feel we have enough in front of us and want to do an excellent job to serve interested parties through our mission while maintaining our scope.  We will do this by connecting the dots between commonly available best practices, standards, and frameworks.

Forum Mission: To enhance and maintain Critical Infrastructure Resilience against all Cyber Risks.

Scope: Public and private-sector critical infrastructure organizations, including small and midsize businesses, standards and best practice organizations, and organizations supporting workforce development.