DESMF Interested Parties

The National Forum for Public-Private Collaboration would like to extend an invitation to the DESMF (Department of Defense Enterprise Service Management) Framework Working Group and all other interested parties to our event at the Maritime Institute Thursday 21 September.  Information about the event will be updated daily on our web site

Our forum utilizes the good work by your working group as a foundation for public private collaboration and we see value of your members participating in this activity along with subject matter experts from the private sector within the United States and at least four other nations.

As you know we took the DESMF and replaced DoD with Organization and warf-ighter with customer to create the Foundation for Public Private Collaboration.  This allows us to have a basic lexicon.

We  extend our gratitude to  all who contribute to the DESMF for the great things it represents.

We are excited to be addressing the needs for Agile development and Agile organizational considerations in support of cyber resilience which is truly mission driven and customer/warfighter focused.  We believe it is important to show how the Agile world complements and works well with IT Service Management.

As part of our work we have identified a few software developers and manufacturing companies we will use as case studies.  These case studies will prove that when a company includes cyber resilience from the beginning and throughout the lifecycle of their product or service they will be able to use it as a competitive advantage. It is just as important for them to be able to show how they are customer and mission focused throughout the lifecycle.

We also have the support of Subject Matter Experts to collaborate around how we can best incorporate standards and frameworks including the CSF, RMF, 800-160 and importantly to contractors the 800-171.   The Better Business Bureau is participating to support these efforts with a focus on the needs of small businesses and the NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership program will actively support the efforts of the manufacturing community.

We hope this is inviting to interested parties of the DESMF from a DoD perspective and from a commercial and personal level.  It is important to enable this collaboration so the private sector can take advantage of your work, others in the government and the private sector can share with you so we can do our best to strengthen our nations cyber posture and as important the value of products and services we deliver.

 I am personally available to any interested party to discuss how you can participate.


Charlie Tupitza
CEO the Forum for Public Private Collaboration
202 839-5563