Forum Stakeholders

Public and Private Organizations

Identify use cases aligned with business imperatives.

Help each role in the organization understand their responsibilities as leaders and doers.

Use disciplined approach to establish supply chain trust as a competitive advantage for mission delivery.

Understand business value of cyber and agility.

Help engage other stakeholders within your organization including the workforce by meeting them where they are.

Utilize Agile, Lean, Reasonable, Prudent approaches focused on business value.

Standards and Framework Bodies

Show value via use cases, and obtain feedback to support standards.

Outputs are available to strengthen your bodies of work.

Meet stakeholders where they are. Help them connect to your business’s value.

The National Forum for Public-Private Collaboration utilizes and supports Standards and Framework Bodies. We are not a Standards Body.

Collaborative activities look at standards and frameworks and help participants understand and make sense of them to support their mission and customers.

We focus on what needs to be considered without diving into how because we are focusing on the common needs of our participants..

This provides a strong foundation for them to share use cases valuable for all participants.

Product and Service Providers

Align products and services to customers needs.

Show value early for customers.

Help customers see your value in the context of business imperatives by aligning their needs with your solutions.

Establish trust internally and externally.