NFPPC Collaboration 21 September 2017

Public-Private Collaboration September 21st 2017

The NFPPC invites you to join industry leaders working to redefine organizational sustainability and resiliency at our next major public-private collaboration series event on September 21st at the Maritime Institute, near Fort Meade, MD.  We will be in Classrom1 in Building 3 on the lower level. 692 MARITIME BOULEVARD, LINTHICUM, MARYLAND 21090

Organizations create value for stakeholders by anticipating and effecting change to enable continued delivery of improved products and services. 

As organizational leaders, we manage wide-ranging requirements through a maze of technical standards, frameworks, and business methodologies to consistently serve stakeholder expectations and secure our futures in rapidly changing, technically-dependent environments. This is where the playing field levels for public and private organizations of all sizes, across all sectors. In a world of varied and innumerable threats, organizations must think beyond the competitive landscape to collective cyber resilience.

Reserve your seat now and prepare to engage in discussion and facilitated activities focused on the roles, responsibilities, and opportunities available through increased resiliency and sustainability of our systems and organizations.

Registration 7:30-8:30, Collaboration begins at 8:30am sharp and runs until 4:30 pm.  See agenda below. Chatham House rules will be followed.

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For detailed information call us at 202 839-5169
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Leaders participate by listening, learning, and sharing.

karen gomez DISAKaren Gomez
Deputy Chief, Operations Center Mission Support, DISA Cyber Resilience and Mission Delivery DESMF

ron ross nistDr. Ron Ross
Senior Fellow National Institute of Standards, Systems Security Engineering

Janet Oren Legg MassonJanet Oren
Chief Information Security Officer,
Legg Mason
Author of NIST SP 800-160

Bill Finelli Better Business BureauBill Fanelli
Chief Cyber Security Officer
Better Business Bureaus

mike Smith CEO Acacia SecrurityMike Smith
CEO Acacia Secrurity

Drew Morin
Director Federal Cyber Security Techology and Engineering Programs, T-Mobile

greg sanker cio oregonGreg Sanker
CIO, State of Oregon Administrative Services

greg sanker cio oregonGreg Sanker
Interim CIO, State of Oregon Administrative Services

Amdre Ledic itacAndre Leduc
Vice President, Government Relationships & Policy IT Association of Canada

bobby jackson integrity dataBobby Jackson
Chief Architect, Integrity Data
Lincoln, IL

Come down from the Cyber Summits
Join us in the Fertile Valley of Public-Private Collaboration

Collaboration Facilitators

charlie tupitza ceo nfppcCharlie Tupitza
CEO, National Forum for Public-Private Collaboration

larry cooperLarry Cooper
Special Projects Lead, National Forum for Public-Private Collaboration
Sharon MulhollandSharon Mulholland
Independant Consultant, SDM Consulting Executive Facilitation and Coaching

September 21 Collaboration Agenda

Sustainable and resilient organizations consistently deliver what their constituencies consider as valuable. Cyber-resilience capability and capacity can be either a contributor or detractor. We will break all this down through facilitated collaboration. For more details contact us.

Registration and informal discussion: 7:30am-8:30am

Morning Sessions 8:30am

Establishing the context:
Organizations need to learn from experience and be adaptable to changing needs and circumstances. This enables continuous delivery of what is considered as valuable.

Quantifying our cyber-resilience capability and capacity:
Cyber-attacks are a threat to our ability to deliver value. Establishing a case for developmental, operational, and organizational adaptability is important. Those who perpetrate threats against us are continuously adapting to our ability to counter those threats. Therefore, we must also be adaptable in how we both mitigate and respond to cyber threat actions.

Value of continuous improvement:
Recognizing the adaptive nature of cyber threats and those who perpetrate them, it is incumbent on each organization’s leadership to ensure their cyber resilience capability and capacity is improving at the same rate or faster.

Establishing a baseline for how are we going to overlay our considerations:
What is the strategic intent of cyber-resilience? Key words key phrases.
Put in buckets: What are the results you are trying to achieve, the behaviors that go with it and what do you have to do to achieve it? How can we take advantage of automation?

Afternoon Sessions

Distilling the value and of the CSF, SP 800 -160, 800-171:
Identify operational use which can be scaled for small to large organizations with supply chain value. All in the context of the morning discussion. The intent is to help build a case study to support some portion of this. We will extract and align this to some of the core bucket items from the morning collaboration.

4:00 Summary of days activities

 End 4:30

There will informal debriefing held in a room to be announced at the event

Current Participants

Small to large commercial companies, multiple sectors, IT and cyber resilience product and service providers, Leading Agile and DevOps and ITSM organizations, DISA Mission Support, Army, Navy, DoD, Defense Acquisition University, US Cyber Command, NIST, DHS, HUD, GSA, other agencies, Cyber Insurance industry, Better Business Bureau, the State of Oregon, Colleges, Universities, Australian, Israeli, UK, and Canadian IT Companies


Many of us will be staying at the Hilton Hotel near the BWI airport the night before and will have informal discussions about the activities of the Forum. Rates differ greatly use this link for the best prices we see.

Public-Private Collaboration to Establish Business Value of Cyber Resilience

Getting through the noise of standards, and frameworks for cyber resilience to support business value.

WASHINGTON, DC, September 1, 2017 – The National Forum is inviting interested public and private parties to participate in an event on September 21, 2017, at the Maritime Institute in Linthicum, MD. The Collaboration will help determine what should be considered for reasonable, effective and prudent approaches to cyber resilience/security supporting mission and customer value.

The Better Business Bureau and GENEDGE of the NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) will help develop use cases scalable for small and large businesses considering the how, when and why.
Current and past participants in our activities are small to large commercial companies in healthcare, finance, energy, entertainment, education, IT and cyber resilience product and service providers, defense and civilian agencies, defense and civilian contractors, manufacturing, the cyber insurance industry and state governments.

“This collaboration is unique because we establish the tie between cyber resilience and the organizations’ mission as well as their customer value. This helps stakeholders within the public and private sectors understand, stay engaged and lead while establishing reasonable, prudent approaches.” Charlie Tupitza CEO.

“BBB will bring our Cybersecurity Program focus to collaborate with representatives from other business disciplines. We recognize that security concerns must be in balance with product development, production, operations and maintenance to maximize trust in the marketplace.” Bill Fanelli, Chief Security Officer, Council of Better Business Bureaus

This collaboration will help all organizations understand what is necessary to manage wide-ranging requirements through a maze of technical standards, frameworks, and business methodologies to consistently serve stakeholder expectations and secure their futures in rapidly changing, technically-dependent environments.
We limit participation to enable effective collaboration. If you are interested please register today from our web site.

About the Forum:
The NFPPC is a not for profit with members from the private sector along with federal and state governments. The Forum leads the advancement of cyber resilience through collaborative innovation applicable for securing and strengthening critical infrastructure across every sector worldwide.
We help participants make sense of and take advantage of existing standards as we serve to facilitate open dialogue, critical insight and thought exchange enabling stakeholders in the delivery of flexible and adaptable cyber resilience solutions supporting organization mission and goals. Come down from the cyber security summits to the fertile valley of public-private collaboration.

For more information about this topic, please call Charlie Tupitza at 202 839-5563 or email